Biggest Fashion Trends of 2017

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This past March, the Revel Boutique team travelled to NYC to attend the biggest fashion tradeshow in North America to shop the biggest fashion trends of 2017. Coterie is the premiere global marketplace that connects women’s apparel, accessories, and footwear designers with the international, “Who’s Who” of retailers.

With over 5,000 brands to choose from, it was easy for us to get excited! Three days of talking to sales reps, trying on clothes, comparing different fabrics, and negotiating minimums. Although the process can be exhausting, we loved every minute of it! We made some great connections with new, up and coming designers, signed contracts with the some of the most unique brands, and invested time, energy and capital into acquiring the best products for our boutique.

We have seen active wear take center stage as the fasted growing trend in the last three to five years and we see this everyday on woman who wear their Lululemons to go from the gym, to the grocery store, to meeting their friends for coffee or wine. Men’s fashion has shifted from jeans and button ups, to casual sweaters and jogger pants, and trust us we are not complaining. This look is both trendy and comfortable – and nothing beats that mix!

At Coterie we noted that designers are pulling inspiration from the 80’s by bringing back track suits. We’re anticipating the arrival of stylish track pants with matching sweaters in all different colors and fabrics. Woman will be able to wear their track suits with a pair of kicks during the day, and then throw on a pair of pumps and go out at night. You might think WTF? –  but there are some seriously cute track suits out there and we cannot wait to get our hands on them (stay tuned!).

Another huge trend we saw at Coterie was vintage distressed tops and bottoms. Tee shirts that look like you might have had them in your closet for 10 years and have survived the zombie apocalypse. The collars will be ripped, sleeves will have cutouts, and pants will be distressed with different patch work. We don’t know if Calgary will be ready for these changes yet, but they look like they’re coming our way regardless.

See for yourself in the images below and tell us what you think by leaving a comment. Our opinion… we love it!

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