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As summer slowly arrives in Calgary it’s time to ditch the winter wear and move into the fun, flashy world of summer fashion! While we love our boots, layering up and finding the right outfit that will keep us warm enough outside for just long enough, there’s always the hassle of coat check, the angst of too hot or too cold, and the pain of not being able to get a sun tan. Warm weather just beats cold weather in so many ways, and having a fresh line of bold summer fashion pieces to showcase is just one of those perks.

As we spoke about fashion trends in our last post, there are some vintage-esque pieces coming back into vogue. Calgary is a city on the up and up, and while some might say like the bleeding edge fashion culture and style of New York, Milan or Tokyo, there have been some serious leaps and bounds style-wise in the city. An influx of wealth in the city brings a larger community, more travel opportunities and larger retailers. La Maison Simons (Simons) for example opened last week, an encouraging sign for the city! We’re eager to bring some of the more recent trends and developments in the fashion world to YYC. Our current woman’s fashion collection carries some of our timeless pieces as well as smooth blend of Australian fashion and street fashion from the likes of NYC.

If you really want to lead the city this summer we’d recommend wearing some of our statement pieces, like the Ragdoll LA Vintage tee, perfect with any outfit or the Ragdoll LA tracksuit that can be dressed up with heals or kick back with some sneakers.

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