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This week we are going to talk about what trends NOT to wear, the ones that sadly have gotten the boot and ones we probably won’t see come back for a while.

Ok so, woman these days…they are crazy ambitious, from dropping their kids off at school to working a full time job, owning their own business or  being a boss ass bitch at a large corporation. These busy hard working woman want fashion pieces that provide both comfort and style and naturally designers have listened.

You may have read in our previous post that leisure wear isn’t going anywhere and in fact it’s expanding in  a big BIG way. Move over Lululemon and Nike because small companies like Ragdoll LA, Privacy Please and One Teaspoon are hopping on the leisure trend but perfecting it with staple pieces like the track suit, over sized sweaters, vintage tee’s and silk lounge wear that will feel so good on your skin you wont want to take it off.

Below are 5 trends that fail to meet both comfort and style and we predict designers will no longer be fu*king with.
Say goodbye to these 5 trends

Out: Corsets were huge this year, we saw them everywhere and although we cannot deny their sex appeal we predict designers won’t keep this trend going.

Say goodbye to these 5 trends

Out: Skinny Jeans have been a dominating style for years but we anticipate a shift towards vintage styles and contrast denim. We have to say we hope the skinny jean trend will stay because we just love what it does to elongate our legs. We think these jeans are a great sub for the skinny.

Say goodbye to these 5 trends
Out: Heels that are 5 inches or higher have rapidly decreased in the last few years as we see woman leaning more towards comfort and practicality. This is why we see a huge push for sneakers and low inch wedges or booties because woman want to look fashionable but feel comfortable. Click here for stylish footwear options.
Say goodbye to these 5 trends Out: White Sneakers are out and embellishment is in. Not to worry as comfort is still the main focus here, however designers are  jazzing these sneakers up to give them a little attitude and individuality.
Say goodbye to these 5 trends
Out: Wearing lingerie out is no longer acceptable, instead elegant silk or velvet pieces like the one pictured above have taken over.
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