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This past week the boyfriend and I travelled to Naramata, BC for a weekend of relaxation and wine. But like any other time I travel I am bombarded with thoughts of what to pack for vacation.

The dilemma being of course, what will your schedule be and how will you feel that day. That too of course can change because what if it rains, what if the weather changes from what was forecasted and the list of stresses goes on.

When I pack, I strategically pick out 3-4 cute outfits and those outfits usually require a statement piece that can be worn in a few different ways and by doing this you save a tremendous amount on space.

I always think I will wear the super cute but kind of uncomfortable dress I packed because I really want those Insta photos to look amazing, but what about when I get there I find that being on vacation is more about comfort than style…so the question is, how do you have both?

Rompers are always a great piece to bring on any summer vacation. You can wear a romper with kicks during the day, pack a bag with a pair of cute pumps and change into those for the evening.

During the day I always like to be comfortable because in more cases than none we will travel around and explore. Jean shorts with a cute tee or blouse are the perfect outfit for a day of exploring. If you are hitting up some wineries and need to look decent, then a beautiful summer dress paired with cute kicks would work perfectly.

Now, what about the times when the weather takes a turn for the worst and you need to think about packing a jacket or sweater but you don’t want to take up the space in your suitcase. The perfect choice for this would be a beautiful scarf that you can wear to add to the outfit or simply keep in your bag to take out in times of need to warm you up.

On our trip to Naramata, BC we decided to head to Liquidity for dinner, I knew that the evening would be a little chilly but I was wearing a cute romper and didn’t want to ruin the outfit. I brought my floral scarf with me and wrapped it around my body which to be honest made the outfit both elegant and practical.

Whatever your vacation may be, think about what pieces in your closest you can wear more than once, which pieces will work during the day and transition into the evening. Of course, always pack that one piece for going out but make sure to only pack outfits that go with two pairs of shoes minimum.

Pack a scarf or shall, never a bulky jacket…and voila, you are all packed! 🙂

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