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Fashion is about having fun and with Stampede just around the corner we have the perfect accessories to accessorize your outfits. For many of us, putting together an outfit requires careful planning, others can throw whatever on and own it. Sometimes an outfit can turn heads with just the threads on your back and other times the outfit requires a little more pizzazz.

For those moments when your outfit requires some jazzing up, we have carefully selected some of our favorite jewelry and accessory lines from around the globe. The great thing about these brands is they are beautifully undiscovered treasures that will turn heads and have people asking where these beauties came from.

Up first we have Brazilian fashion designer Marca de Semijoias. Her pieces reflect the beauty in Brazilian culture with stunning emeralds and gemstones. These pieces are truly unique as Marca mainly creates pieces specific to her clients wants and needs. The price is a little higher but well worth the extra cash as you will have a one of a kind piece from a talented artist that will last you a lifetime.

Take a look at some of our favorite pieces from Marca de Semijoias.

Kloxet is like a monthly magazine subscription but instead of a clump of paper you receive 5 pieces of jewelry delivered to your front door. These pieces are hand-picked specific to your style, taste and budget. The stylist will first ask you questions about your personal style, take notes and hand pick what she thinks best suits you. Each month you receive 5 new for just $20. We know this sounds too good to be true but we have tried it and we LOVE it.

Check out some of our fav pieces from the collection.

Last on our list is a small boutique called Near Madison. The designs are one of a kind and boho chic. Each piece is carefully designed and crafted in silver, metal or gold plated materials. These pieces are fashion forward, amazing quality and absolutely stunning. We promise there is nothing like it out there and the price cannot be beat!!

Check out our fav from the collection below.

Let us know what you think by commenting below. We are always happy to hear what are fun fashionistas are thinking.


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