Bella, Gigi or Kendall, Which Super Model Is Your Fav?

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Bella, Gigi or Kendall, which super model is your favourite?  Recently Bella Hadid won an award for Model of the year, her sister Gigi, won an award for being the social media model of the year and we cannot forget about the just as popular and equally stunning Kendall Jenner who is also killing the model game. So how do you choose which one is your fav?

Let’s start by asking which one best reflects your personal style?  Would it be Bella Hadid and her edgy rocker style?  Or Gigi Hadid who likes to have fun with what she wears in bold statement pieces?  Maybe you prefer Kendall Jenner who always seems to be in casual chic clothing?  We personally go based on our mood that day. One day I want to channel my inner Bella and pull out black latex pants, a crop top and maybe even bring a whip (we kid) however on other days we really just want to be casual chic in our favorite pair of jeans and cute t-shirt or sweater.  If we are really feeling ourselves than maybe we will pull out that statement piece we bought a few months back and bring out our Gigi alter ego because let’s face it,  to pull off a statement piece we need to channel Gigi.

Which supermodel would be your best gal pal?  I think if we wanted to go out and party we would bring Bella, who always seems to be having fun no matter what she is doing.  Other days we think we would like to go horseback riding with Gigi because she really seems to love the outdoors and so do we.  On the other hand Kendall has a huge family, so maybe we would kick it back at Mama Jenner’s house and enjoy the luxurious life of personal chefs and celebrity friends (we wouldn’t freak out at all if we met Kanye). Honestly,  we would probably play with the kids because they are most likely on our level.

Who would most likely reflect your taste in men? Would you date an older man like Bella?  She dated The Weekend for a while and although he is super talented we don’t really think he’s our type.  We might however be able to picture ourselves with Zayn Malik? He is pretty sexy,  but we would prefer he grew a few inches taller; we don’t love the look of us looking like a giraffe next to him every time we get dressed up and wear heels.  Maybe living it up single like Kendall Jenner is the way to go, I mean really who needs a man anyway!

The great thing about all of these accomplished, beautiful, smart women is the fact that each are very different.  Each ones brings a special something to the table and even though we relate to one more than the other we think we would be be great friends with all three.

But let us know who your favourite is by leaving a comment below.

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